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This past fall Katelyn read the book Crispin for English. Today, we had the opportunity to meet the author, Avi. He spent the entire week at the International School of Zug and Lucern doing workshops with the middle school children. Katelyn’s class was the first class in the WORLD to hear a reading from his newest book – City of Orphans. He also read a chapter from his lastest book he is working on about Nathaniel Hale that he completed the first draft of on his flight over to Switzerland.

There was also a presentation in the evening for families that included a book signing. During the evening presentation, he also read excerpts from City of Orphans, Poppy, his newest draft of a book and others.

So who is Avi? He is an American author born in NY and now lives in Colorado. He took the name of Avi as his pen name because his twin sister used to call him that when he was a boy. He also did not want to use his real name because his family did not think he could be an author. He did it as a type of “revenge” to not have “their” name on his work. He had terrible writing and spelling skills, but loved to tell stories. When he writes a book, he will often rewrite it up to 60 times. Why? “That is the best part because it just gets better and better.”

*Videos of the readings to be posted in the near future, so stop back to hear some snip its of his work.

Avi finished his presentation with a thought on fiction:

Some say truth can be stranger than fiction. I say fiction is what makes truth no longer stranger.




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