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Battle of The Books

Katelyn participated in Battle of The Books at ISZL with her friends, Cecilia, Amanda, and Jane. Each group was challenged to read eight books in preparation for the battle.

The theatre was constructed of four tables. Each team had one table which faced a screen at the front of the theatre. Each team had a number. We were team number 4. When we answered the questions, team 1 went first, then team 2, then team 3. Finally, we went, then it went back to team one. If a team did not get the question right then the team who hit the buzzer at the top if their table answered the question. If that team got it wrong then the other teams would hit the buzzer, and if that team got it wrong then the last remaning team got to answer the question. If no one got the question right they would reveal the answer to us.

We came 3rd place out 4 teams. Our prize was a 20 franc gift card to Orell Füssli which an English books store in Zürich. I read the most books out of the whole team. Amanda read 3, Cecilia read 1, Jane read 2 and I read 4. Some of the books we read were: Trash, Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, and Mockingbird.

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