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Closes, Parliament & Walkin’ The Crags

Here is a collection of photos from my evening walks on the Royal Mile down to the Scottish Parliament and up the Salisbury Crags where I viewed the city from a distance.

A “Close” is essentially an alley that runs down the “spine” of the volcanic crag on which Edinburgh Castle was built. The closes appear every 100 feet, more or less, for over a mile. Each has a name that represents the industry that was found through the alley or the name of a well-to-do person who owned real estate down the alley. One of the images below is a collection of Close signs. Enjoy!

I was fortunate to visit the Scottish Parliament on a day when the leaders were in session, so I sat in and listened for a wee bit. Then, I slowed down and strolled along the outer wall that faces Abbey Strand. The wall has a collection of 24 quotes carved into its surface (here is a list of all 24 quotes). I’ve included some of my favorites below.

The Salisbury Crags are in Holyrood Park and provide a great way to see the coast and the city from above. It’s a steep hike, but worth the climb.

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