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ISZL Violins of Wengen

Katelyn has been playing violin for about 1.5 years. ISZL is revamping their music program with offering more opportunities for the students to share their love and learning of music in various locations and activities. Last weekend Katelyn headed to ISZL’s chalet in Wengen (pronounced ‘Ven-gen’), Switzerland where 41 string students (35 violins, 3 cellos, 3 violas) gathered to practice. 17 of the 41 students have only be learning their instruments since the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. Upon returning from a weekend of practice and other activities in Wengen, the students performed at ISZL Monday evening for the parents. This is the first time that any of the students have ever performed as an ensemble. The first and last songs are the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. The second song was written by a grade 5 ISZL cello student, Philip Norman, called Pirates of ISZL.  Katelyn loved the beauty of Wengen and the audience was blessed with the beauty of the strings!




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