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Spring in Tremezzo Day 2 – Climbing to Castello di Vezio, then Pizza and Surprise with Melo and Franca

It was a hazy, cool day today – perfect for a hike up the hill in Varenna to Castello di Vezio perched above. We began with a ferry ride to Bellagio, over to Varenna. During the walk up we took time to take in the many wildflowers, chat and breathe in the ambiance of Vezio, the little village below the castle.

Then, we went back through Bellagio to visit Elisa Palmieri at her A. Poletti ceramics and glassworks shop. We visit her each time we’re in Lake Como and have come to know her family. Cal purchased two necklaces for Bonnie and Kim picked up a Murano glass bowl that she has thought of purchasing in the past. Kim also picked up some olive trays and olive picks for me (as a birthday gift she was waiting to get from Bellagio). We had some gelato, then rode the boat back to Cadenabbia, where we parked.

Then, pizza and fun with Melo and Franca. Upon arrival, Melo said, “Bonnie, I have a surprise for you.” He stepped away for a moment, then returned with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Why, you ask? Melo is a very kind person and has enjoyed Bonnie and Cal’s visit.

A warm reception to remove the chill and shed a memorable glow on a cool Tremezzo evening.


  1. Diane
    Posted June 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm | #

    Just returned from Italy and enjoyed your post. I was doing a web search since coming home and regretting not buying more at Palmieri Elisa in Bellagio. I stumbled on your post when trying to see if they had a website or email to contact them. Do you know if they can be contacted to have items shipped to the USA? Thanks for your help!

  2. Posted June 23, 2013 at 6:09 pm | #


    You can access their website at http://www.bellagioshop.it and email them at info@bellagioshop.it.

    I have Elisa’s personal email address, too, but hesitate to give that out.

    Their store is called “Poletti”, and we loved it, too.

    Feel free to let her know that Aaron Cooper provided you the contact information and have fun!

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