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Easter Sunday in Delft and Kinderdijk

Happy Easter!

Today we were blessed with beautiful weather even though rain had been forecast for most of the time during our stay.

After a nice breakfast and a round of “Happy Easter,” we drove down to Delft Pottery in Rijswijk (Northern Delft). We took a brief tour of the pottery-making and painting process. The pottery is molded, kiln-fired, then designs are transferred from templates (for some designs), then the pottery is hand painted, dipped and fired again. There were many beautiful pieces to admire.

Next, Cal drove us down to Kinderdijk to visit the 19 windmills that line the dykes, originally built to pump water in and out of the basin. We also had a chance to climb up into one of the windmills to learn how “Miller’s” families lived and how the windmills moved water. We watched a brief movie that reminded us, “God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” This, referring to the notion that the Dutch managed water so expertly they have been able to create stable living conditions.

To finish the day, we had supper at a Turkish restaurant, eating dishes that reminded us of our time in Istanbul. Cal and Bonnie liked the food and we finished with some baklavah.

We enjoyed another day together, celebrating Easter with fellowship and learning.




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