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Tunnels, Hills of Göschenen and Wilhelm Tell

Today, Joel recommended learning about the AlpTransit Gotthard rail link info center is Erstfeld, then see what we got into after that.

The info center was a great little museum with videos describing each step of the tunnel digging, blasting and construction process. This included information on how AlpTransit is “renaturing” portions of the countryside impacted by the construction or adjacent to it. It was interesting to see the drill heads used to crush the rock, the blast wiring process and details regarding the depth and rock types through which the tunnel is boring.

Joel had thought of taking us to a power dam so Zach could play Alphorn into it. Upon arrival in the Göschenen area we found the road leading to the dam closed due to avalanches and instability (snow is still melting in the mountains). So, we diverted for a brief hike in the hills, drinking from a natural cold water fountain and laughing the whole way down.

Then, we drove to the Wilhelm Tell monument in Altdorf. Along the way, Joel told the story. Upon arrival we met a family visiting the area from a German military base. They happened to have a Flat Stanley with them, so we joined them with the Flat Stanley personas Kim has from Trinity back home for a “Flat Stanley Reunion” of sorts.



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