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Yum!! Bircher Müesli

During our time in Liechtenstein, we had a picnic lunch where I tried Bircher Müesli for the first time ever. Joel said that the grocery store Bircher Müesli is “no good”. “Homemade is BEST!!” So last night, Joel graciously agreed to give us a Swiss cooking lesson on Bircher Müesli. First stop was grocery shopping during Joel’s lunch hour to get all the proper ingredients. Now let the Swiss cooking lesson begin. Well, actually, there is no cooking involved. Just a lot of grating, cutting and stirring. He was right. HOMEMADE IS BEST!! The best part: all 5 of us worked together to create this fantastic meal.

So what is Bircher Müesli anyway? It is basically an all natural summer meal with ingredients of yogurt, milk, fruits, and oats with the main ingredient being apples. The secret is the special bircher affel grater. It looks like a cheese grater, but the divots are bent in the middle and they go both directions. Why is it called Bircher Müesli? It is named after the man who invented the grater – Dr. Bircher. This dish is served as a main meal with bread and butter. YUM!! Awesome summer meal! Thanks Joel for sharing yet another Swiss experience with us.

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