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Orell Füsli For Katelyn

Katelyn recently received gift cards to the Orell Füsli book store from her teams excellent performance at ISZL’s Battle of The Books and from her friend, Amanda, on her birthday. Today, we went to Zürich so Katelyn could use her cards to get some English books.

Upon arrival, we navigated our way to Bahnhofstrasse, then in Orell Füsli, as store with more than just books. There were fun gadgets, like a classic corded telephone attachment for an iPhone. There were also English and American foods for sale, such as Hersheys chocolate syrup, Rose jams and Betty Crocker brownie mix. That’s right, a box of brownie mix, only 9.90CHF per box! Katelyn purchased several new books and a Hunger Games movie companion book, describing the casting and production details of the movie we recently watched together in Zürich for Katelyn’s birthday.

After our visit to the book store we strolled through shops of various kinds – just window shopping. From a souvenir shop, where Kim was looking for something to send back with the Trinity Flat Stanley children, to the Franz Carl Weber toy store. The toy store was colorful and filled with stuffed animals (see the photos for the “big one”), games (such as the game of Risk, or Risiki, for 75CHF), and consumes. A Lollipop candy store shared one end of the toy store – a pretty sweet combination! Kim picked up a little pack of coconut M&Ms – pretty tasty!

Then, it was time for supper, so we trailed back to Mr. Wong’s because Katelyn was seeking Thai food. Mr. Wong didn’t disappoint. While the food wasn’t of the quality we experienced in Liechtenstein with Joel, it was very nice and hit the spot. Katelyn also had a lot of fun doing a little game we call, “Staring Back.”

A relaxing, family day in Zürich.




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