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Let’s Play in Tarragona, Spain

Today, we spent the day playing and exploring Tarragona. First stop: the Roman ruins of the Amphitheatre right outside our hotel. Next stop: playing on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Final stop: Zach’s concert on the streets of Tarragona.

The Roman Aphitheatre was built in 2 AD. It was mostly used for Gladiator wrestling and fights with wild animals. There were also executions including many Christians, such as: Bishop Fructuòs and Deacons Augurius and Eulogius who were burnt to death in 259.

After an adventurous walk from the ruins to the beach, we had to figure out how to get across the train tracks that kept us on the opposite side of where we wanted to be, we spent some time playing. Katelyn and I decided to “jump some waves”. The original thought was just to walk along the beach barefoot in the waters edge. The waves quickly changed that plan into “wave jumping”, but we thought we could somehow stay dry. What were we thinking?? We had a blast. Katelyn and I decided to run along the beach front for fun – you see… she loves to run. In an attempt to dry out, we started looking for seashells further up the beach. We found all kinds of pretty shells. Before we knew it, the heavens opened giving us another shower. We quickly pulled out the umbrellas as we headed for shelter. Once the short storm burst passed, we headed along the coastline for more exploring. We found some beautiful Travertine lined shores.

On our way back through town, we stopped at a little market for some water. Inside, Katelyn found her favorite snacks: Cheetos and Doritos. So 3.50 Euros later, we had our water and snacks for the afternoon. Upon return to our hotel, we thought we better go find some lunch before Zach’s evening concert.

After a late lunch, we headed back toward our hotel to find the Kadettenmusik band staging right smack in front of our hotel. We finally got to see Zach and all his band friends. Kadettenmusik is the band from the Musikschule here in Zug. These are Swiss kids performing in a concert style band. Keep that in mind as they are now going to become a marching band. They did outstanding. We followed the band throughout the streets of Tarragona until they arrived at the Plaza de la Font where there was a short concert featuring the 3 bands from Switzerland and the home band from Tarragona. What a wonderful evening. Just to show how talented these kids are, they had to play their songs without music because a huge gust of wind popped around the corner tossing most of the brass section’s and the conductor’s music into the air and then to the ground in one big heap. And the music kept on playing…..






  1. Bonnie Rossmann
    Posted May 24, 2012 at 2:03 am | #

    Beautiful Beautiful!!
    Now I wish I would have stayed another month and gone to Spain with all of you.
    The blog is another SUPER one.
    We are so happy that your family was able to experience this, what wonderful opportunities this has had.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these entries so everyone can enjoy them.
    God’s blessings to you all.

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