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Roman Forum and The Main Event in Tarragona, Spain

Our final day in Tarragona was full of more exploring. This time we headed to the left / west of the main road – Rambla Nova to see what there was.

First stop was the Mercat Central. This is where the locals shop for their fresh (usually) dead meats & fish as well as fruits. Between the sight of all those dead critters and the smell, it was a bit overwhelming. We didn’t stay there very long.

Just a short walk down the road was the Roman Forum. We ventured in their to find that it was named a UNESCO Historical site in 2002. There are lots of ancient Roman pillars. We found a cistern and a bin that oil was kept in too. Very interesting. It is surrounding by modern housing, so it was like taking a step back in time.

We continued to walk along the streets and found the Tarraco Arena Placa built in 1883. It is still in use today.

After having a bite to eat, we headed to the demonstration of the Gladiator wrestling located right outside our hotel in the Roman Amphitheater. We learned that the show was sold out, but we were still able to view it from a path up above the amphitheater. They explained how the Gladiators had to change their style of fighting and armor from military to Gladiator wrestling. It was in Spanish, so we missed some of the message, but understood the highlights.

Last event of the day was Zach’s final concert in Spain with Kadettenmusik der Stadt Zug. They were also joined by performances from Jugendmusik Baar (Switzerland), Jugendmusik Baar – Tamouren (Switzerland) and Banda Juvenil Unio Musical de Tarragona (Spain).





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