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Aaron and I celebrate 17 years of marriage with the kids….

We decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary the only way we know how… together!! We ventured down to the lakefront of Zug for the afternoon. First stop was Gelato at Speck. With Gelato in hand, we decided to explore the local market that was taking place. Everyone was off today for Whit Monday. Whit Monday is also known as “Pentecost Monday or Monday of the Holy Spirit”. As we walked along, we found some fun shops to explore. Katelyn recently did a humanities project on human trafficking. So we explored the Fair Trade shop and purchased a couple items from Guatemala. I found a brightly colored beaded bracelet and Katelyn found a missionary style bag. Further down the walkway was a Swiss shop. This is where we found Zach a shirt to go with his Alphorn. So now his ensemble is complete. We have looked in many places for a Swiss Alphorn shirt for Zach. Finally found one!! Last stop of shopping was a dress shop where Katelyn found a beautiful sundress. There were a variety of candy, cheese, sausage, olive, waffle stands as well as different gadgets too.

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