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ISZL Grade 6-8 Sports Day at Herti

The morning started out with heavy rain and cool temperatures, but it soon turned into a beautiful day to be outside encouraging each other in sporting events. OK, sports are not huge in our family, but this is a really fun activity that includes all the students from Grades 6-8. Some of the events include: running at various distances, long jump, high jump, relays, shot put, and team sports.

Katelyn participated in 400 meter run, high jump and 4×100 meter relay. I just love the 4×100 meter relay story, and I hope you do too. Katelyn’s relay team consists of Vanessa on leg  1, Cecilia on leg 2, Katelyn on leg 3, and Mathilda on leg 4. When it came to Katelyn’s turn to receive the baton, her team was in dead last by a number of seconds. Cecilia hands off the baton and Katelyn’s competitive nature and passion for running kicks into full gear. She not only catches up to the team in third place, but passes them giving Mathilda a little buffer to complete the race in 3rd place. Way to go Jaguars Grade 6 Girls Relay Team!! Working together and doing your best!!

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