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Small, Steady and Slippery Steps of Rossstock

Our friend, Joel, is well-versed in the trails and summits of Switzerland as he has walked many of them. We look forward to weekends with him, not knowing where he might guide us to share time together in the mountains and valleys.

This weekend we had planned to get together on Sunday, but were glad to learn that Joel’s sister, Esther, was visiting and desired a hike. So, we bumped our schedule up by one day and enjoyed the company and conversation as we traveled to the Uri canton near Riemenstalden for a challenging hike up to Rossstock summit. The peak sits 2,461 meters (8,074 feet) above sea level, offering views of Altdorf, the Vierwaldstättersee (The Lake of Lucerne, or Lake of The Four Cantons), Wildspitz on the Rossberg and more.

This is the perfect time of the year to hike in this area, as the wildflowers are blooming, the air is cool under the sun and plenty of snow remains. The terrain was diverse, from emerald-green grass and turquoise waters to loose rock and slippery snow.

We paused for a light lunch that Kim tenderly prepared, soaking up sun and cool breezes as we rested on the spongy ground filled with spring buds. We then moved through red and white trails (moderate) to the blue and white (more difficult) slope, up to a peak where we wrote a message and signed our names in the Gipfelbuch (guest books stored in the cross on the summit).

After sipping tea while inhaling the fresh air and spinning ourselves to absorb the panorama, we made our way down the incline to fields of white, slushy snow. Be sure to watch the video below to see how we slid down the mountain – forwards and backwards!

Thank you, Joel and Esther, for a wonderful day!




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