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Varenna, Italy with Sharon – Day 2

Today, we decided to head over to Varenna and hike to the ruins of Castello di Vezio with Sharon. After we finished in Varenna, we stopped off in Bellagio to the wine shop one more time. Next stop was Pizzeria Balgonett for a new product Melo called “poltergeist”. The girls finished off the evening with a fireworks display from the hotel balcony while the guys turned in early.

Back at Hotel La Perla, Clelia and Mara told us of a special festival later in the evening called “Isola Comacina” that dates back to 569. The island is believed to be cursed due to excommunication by bishop of Como Vidulfo. The bishop stated “no bells will ring any more, not stone will be put upon stone, no one will ever host again someone on the island or he will die a violent death.” The legend continues that anyone who has tried to build on this island since the excommunication have died an untimely death in boating accidents, war, or murder. The fireworks are to represent the “fire” used to exorcise the island.




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