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ROAD TRIP to the Black Forest region of Germany

This morning we decided to hop in the car and head towards the Black Forest region of Germany. We really had no plan for a final destination and the forecast is rain. So why in the world did we decide to go?? Because we are running out of weekends for adventures. We were certain that we wanted to explore the region a bit and find out if Black Forest Cherry Cake really originated from this area. So off we go…

After our GPS sent us on a bit of a wild goose chase, we were on our way. The kids are usually highly entertaining on road trips and this time was no different. Zach asked if anyone has ever tried to “talk without moving your lips?” Of course, they all had to try it. Go ahead… we know you want to try it too…. Then he proceeded to give everyone tongue twisters riddled with the letter “M”. It is pretty much impossible.

First stop was a pretty ridge looking over the Black Forest on the way to Gutach. After finding a place to turn back for some photos, because we saw the parking after we passed it, we heard a loud thud on the roof of the car. Pulled over… we found nothing and assumed it was falling pine cones as they were strewn over the road. Upon opening our car doors to exit the car near the ridge, we were whipped by some very strong cold winds, but no rain yet. Kind of reminded us of MN. Aaron shot a few photos and we were back in our car in a flash. Traveling another few minutes, we arrived in Gutach, Germany. This is home to the open air historical museum called Vogtsbauernhof. We literally took a couple steps from the car and the sprinkles began. Those sprinkles quickly turned to monsoon down pours. We got to the little gift shop at the entrance and had to come up with a temporary plan because, although our feet were already soaked, no one was interested in the museum in the rain – at least not that rain. Plan B… lunch time! So back in the car and a short drive later we found a place called Löwen for lunch. Kim and Katelyn had mixed salads while Aaron and Zach had more of a traditional meat dish. By the time we finished lunch, the rain had finished as well. So back to the open air museum we went. We decided to get the audio guides so we could learn a little more about the farms and way of life of the people of the Black Forest region. The 6 farms were dismantled and reconstructed at this museum in the 1960’s. The museum is located on the original farm, Vogtsbauernhof (the museum is named after) property and dates back to 1612. The oldest reconstructed building at the museum was built in 1599 and was from the Hippenseppenhof farm.

Before leaving the museum, we had to find the answer to Katelyn’s question, “Does Black Forest Cherry Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte) truly came from this region?” It did originate in the Black Forest region called Bad Godesberg near Bonn in 1915 by Josef Keller (“Sweet Josef”). It became world famous in 1930. The recipe was first written down in 1927 by Josef. At the museum cafè we decided to try a piece. Katelyn had tried it in German class at school before. She said this was much better than the one at school.

After the Vogtsbauernhof museum, we decided to head towards Germany’s highest waterfalls in a nearby town called Triberg. On the way, we stopped off at a Black Forest clock shop that had a life size cuckoo clock the size of a building. For 1 euro, it performed like a miniature cuckoo clock. We had to give it a try. Before we knew it, we drew a crowd of passersby who were enjoying the demonstration as well. Inside the shop there were loads of cuckoo clocks in all sizes, shapes and prices. We also looked at wooden crafts work of boxes, Nutcrackers, German smokers, spinning candles and many other classic German items handcrafted by the locals.

Back on the road, we were in Triberg before we knew it. Thanks to the large brown signs, we found the falls without an address. The waterfalls are some of the highest in Germany cascading down 163 meters from the River Gutach.

After enjoying a walk along the waterfalls, taking in the sounds, mist and beauty of the lush greenery, it was time to get back on the road and call an end to our time in Germany and our road trip. You know it was a great trip when all the passengers in the car fall sound asleep while I got to drive on the Autobahn at 140kmh.





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