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Han Mongolian

This evening we decided to go out for dinner before Aaron left for America for the next 10 days. Zach has been asking to eat at Han Mongolian Restaurant pretty much since our arrival nearly 2 years ago. So we decided that we should give it a try. It comes with many good recommendations from friends. To our surprise, this was going to be a very unique experience. First you are served an appetizer of pickled spicy pickles. They were very good. The second course was a soup with a beef broth base and egg drop type noodles in it with a side of warm sesame bread. A bit salty but very good. Then comes the adventure. You go to the buffet area that has traditional salad items as well as the main entree items. Choose what main entree items you would like, head to the sauce bar to pick a cooking sauce before heading to the grill. The chef will grill it right before you. Once it is cooked .. head to a different sauce table for steamed white rice and other toppings. Bon Apetit! It was very good but a bit pricey with the evening meals ranging from 25chf to 44chf / person for the menu numbers we ordered. There was a 70chf menu option as well. My meal came with a “surprise” dessert. It was pineapple ice cream with some kind of green crunchy fruit. Looked like honey dew but crunchy like a crisp apple. Zach was once again our adventurous eater. He tried the meat of kangaroo, venison (deer) and horse as well as traditional meats of beef, chicken, pork and shrimp.

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