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This week Aaron is in America on business, so the kids and I decided to find something fun to do every day he is gone for the next 10 days. Today was Katelyn’s choice. Katelyn chose to go to Alpamare. It is a water park complete with slides for varying levels of fear from the gentle Ice Express to the pitch black slide of Thriller. They also have a wave pool, gigantic whirl pool, iodine brine thermal bath and another plain water thermal bath. I am not a huge fan of water slides as they make my stomach very unsettled, but I managed 6 slides before returning to the calm pools. The kids rode on each set of water slides at least twice as well as playing in some of the other pools. All the pools except one are at very nice temperatures in the 30+ degree Celsius range. There seems to always be one very cold thermal bath to do quick dips in between other pools. Because it is a water park, I could only get a few photos.

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