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Hike Meiringen from Planplatten to Käserstatt

While Aaron is still in America on business, the kids and I are continuing our daily excursions. Zach found this medium grade hike in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. My only request was that the hike not be a really long drive because we use most of our day driving rather than hiking. Zach found a great hike. We set out for Meiringen, which is just over a 1 hour drive south of Zug. Upon arrival, we found the start of the gondolas. At first, I felt like we were cheating by taking gondolas’ up to the top, but along the way we saw sheer cliffs that we would not have been able to scale and I was quickly convinced we were no longer “cheating”. After 30 minutes and 4 gondola rides later, we finally reached Alpen Tower – our starting point in Planplatten. At Alpen tower, you can see gorgeous panorama views of the Alps. Some Alps are covered with grass. Some Alps are sheer rock. Some you can even see the glaciers on with snow caps. Over the Alps was a thick haze. So although some panorama view photos may look fuzzy, it is actually just the haze / fog that was hanging in the air.

Meiringen is also home to Sherlock Holmes. The author of Sherlock Holmes visited this village numerous times and based some of the stories of Sherlock Holmes from this area. In fact, in 1891, Sherlock Holmes was to die at the Reichenbach Falls located on the other side of Meiringen. He is now named as an honorary citizen of the town. On the sculpture of Sherlock Holmes are clues to all of his 60 mysteries. The sculptor was once quoted saying a famous Sherlock Holmes quote of ” a challenge and is certainly a most curious little problem” in describing the hidden clues within the statue.

Most of the photos on this blog post are taken by Zach on his camera.

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