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Row Row Row Our Boat….

Today we decided to do a little row boating. So to get in the mood… let’s sing a little song together first…..

Row Row Row Our Boat…. Gently around the lake….. Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily… life is but a dream!! There… now you are in the proper mind set for this post.

Zach found yet another place to take an adventure. This time it was on Pfäffikersee (a small lake) in Pfäffikon (Zürich). We headed out in a row boat for 2 hours. This boat launch has 50 boats, of which, many are over 100 years old and handcrafted by the owners grandfather. The boats are made of wood and as sturdy as can be. We were in a boat with double oars making rowing an adventure in and of itself as we kept clunking oars.




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