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Happy 721st. Birthday, Switzerland!!

Today, we celebrate Switzerland’s Independence, which is often referred to as “Swiss National Day”. Switzerland gained its independence in 1291.

The day is full of activities. A family can eat breakfast at a traditional Swiss farm, but we did not. We started our morning off with 2 short hikes along the top ridge of the Zugerburg. First, our family just headed a short distance along the sculpture trail while we waited for our friends to join us. Once we caught up with the Medin family, we took another short hike the other direction to see an amazing 360 panorama of the Alps and Zug. Once back in Zug we discovered that there were traditional Swiss activities all around Zug to explore. There was an Alphorn & Büchli concert at the Reform church. Many of the historical Swiss buildings were open for tours and free of charge. At the Alstadt, there were flag throwing demonstrations and bands performing. The evening ended with a view of fireworks and bonfires all around the lake from our apartment porch while the kids light sparklers and lanterns.

Happy Birthday, Switzerland.

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