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Lac Souterrain and Aletsch Glacier

Today, we decided to take a road trip to the Valais region of Switzerland. Our friend Joel had given us a list of interesting Swiss activities too try. The one that caught our attention and we had been wanting to do for some time now was : the Lac Souterrain or Lake Under the Mountain.  Although it was a fairly far drive, it was well worth the experience. Along the way, we came to Furkapass. We can either take the long windy mountain pass or hop on a 20 minute car train for a ride. Aaron had never been on a car train before, so here we go…. On the way to St. Léonard, where the Lac Souterrain is located, we spotted a few other places of interest that we might check out on the drive back time permitting.

At Lac Souterrain we were given a 30 minute boat tour of the lake. The photos are a bit dark as the camera does not adjust to the lighting as our human eye does. The water is crystal clear with fish living in it. The fish are not safe to eat because they are Vitamin D deficient. The kids on the boat had the opportunity to feed them. The fish are also used to gauge the health of the environment under the cave. If the fish suddenly die, they know they have a major issue with the environment. Since they started having fish in the water, they have never had such an issue.

After a quick lunch, we found our way to Aletsch Glacier near Fiesch, Switzerland. 2 quick Gondola rides up very steep terrain and we had one of the most breath taking views of the Alps and the Altesch Glacier. I was surprised at how noisy the glacier was. There was a storm brewing in the distance, so some of the photos are hazy. The dark lines on the glacier are called medial moraines. This is where two glaciers merge and all the rock and dirt is pushed to the surface.

After spending some time exploring the rocks and paths above the glacier, it was time to get back on the road. After exiting the car train we entered the storms we saw brewing in the distance from the glacier. Just as the storms let up, there were rainbows around every corner near Amsteg, Switzerland. Big ones! Double ones! Flatter ones that looked like they were laying on the surface of the mountain! Vibrant ones that you could see the whole spectrum in! It was an amazing sight.




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