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Paddling on Lake Zug

Katelyn has been asking to try paddle boards on Lake Zug ever since they noticed people doing so this summer. So, today Kim emailed the company that rents the boards at the docks in front of the Landsgemeindeplatz in Zug. Kim and Katelyn then went down to reserve the gear so our family could enjoy an evening on the Lake.

Zach was the first to try as Katelyn was a bit unsure of it once we were on the water. He hopped onto the board, steadily stood up and off he went. He fell in a few times, which is half the fun!

We then coaxed Katelyn into the water and Zach helped her onto the board. They road a bit together, then Katelyn began to paddle on her own. She preferred to sit down and paddle as there were many waves from the large passing Rigi and Zug ships. This suited her just fine.

We finished the fun on the Lake by walking to the Theatre Casino swim area. While we sat on the shore, Zach tried out the diving board. He’d start off with a cannonball, then open up to land feet first each time. Zach and Katelyn noticed a large ball bobbling in the water with a pole coming from the top. Perhaps they can try that sometime this week before heading home to Minnesota.




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