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Heidiland Heidipfad

We heard about Heidiland even before relocating to Switzerland, and had spent a few hours there with Joel before heading to a dam where Zach played the alphorn. However, we discovered there are a few nice hiking paths in the area and thought it would be a nice walk to take with Zach and Katelyn before leaving the country.

It was a beautiful day, with sunny weather, cows and goats grazing and plenty of smiles. The trail had wood goats stationed every few hundred meters where Katelyn could punch a letter into our map to reveal a secret word by the end of the trail. We didn’t realize this was the instruction until we had walked past a few goats – both real and wooden.

Kim and Katelyn tried out the walking game to relive, barefoot, the varied terrain the fabled Heidi would walk during a typical day. Mud, woodchips, grass, water – they were all represented on the lady’s feet once they were done. They were also reflected on their faces as they grinned and giggled through the course while Aaron and Zach relaxed and watched.

We finished the hike with a nice meal at a restaurant near the trail head, with salads, schnitzel and other tasty foods. Then, we drove down into Bad Ragaz, a town we visited previously with Joel to enjoy the thermal baths. We strolled the streets and finished the day with some ice cream treats.




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