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Mt. Pilatus Steel Toboggan with Haywards

Today, we ventured to the Mt. Pilatus steel toboggan run with the Hayward family.

After a gondola ride up the mountain, we rented some steel sleds, then zipped down the 4,429 foot steel track. Each sled has a break that can be pulled to slow the sled, which is essential on some turns and where signs are posted. There was a speed radar sign along the way that clocked us going between 30 and 40 kilometers per hour. Zach rode on his own as Katelyn rode with Aaron, offering a “Woooohoooo” through the tunnels. Kim captured photos from a path at the top of the track.

After our tobogganing, the Haywards treated us to a nice meal and dessert, finishing the day with relaxed conversation as a blustery storm moved through Zug and Baar.




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