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Farewell with the Bakers’ and friends…

This evening we were invited over to the Bakers’ for dinner. To our surprise, they also invited some of our closets friends that were in Switzerland at the time. Some of our friends were still on various holiday trips.

We got to know the Baker family through Lift church. I love this story so I have to tell it again. We were leaving Lift church after one of our first times attending a service there shortly after our arrival. I pointed to an ISZL teacher to show Aaron, but he thought I pointed to Dave. So we went over to say hello. We had an instant connection. They “sounded” American and midwestern. They are from MN. Why, so are we. Where? Carver. We are from the next town – Cologne. We got talking about churches and they knew our current pastor from his previous congregation. Amazing how God put us in each others lives.

Beth and I soon discovered that we both love to scrapbook. We became scrapbooking buddies on a weekly basis. We soon added in a couple other ladies as they were able to join us. Before our departure, we were even scrap SKYPING with a friend that moved back to London last summer.

To our surprise, our dear friend Joel was also able to join in on the dinner. I didn’t think I would see him again before we left. It was an incredible surprise. The Adrian family was also able to come. We are just starting to get to know them and felt like we could become great friends too… if we just had more time.

It was a wonderful evening full of stories, laughter and fellowship. Everyone has such a special place in my heart with fantastic memories. They are all truly a blessing to us!!

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