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Friends on Fürstensteig

It has taken quite a while to post this, as our family has been busy settling into our home in Minnesota, getting used to a new job and more. However, I’ve looked at these photos and the video several times over the last month and wanted to share it with you all.

This was my last hike (for now) with Joel on the weekend before I flew back to the United States. This was also a short time after I experienced some issues with my ticker. Joel recommended the perfect hike, with a balance of beauty and challenge (especially for someone like myself, quite fearful of precarious heights).

It was a wonderful, memorable day I will never forget. The Fürstensteig is a rugged, beautiful path in the Rätikon mountains in Liechtenstein. We hiked, climbed and enjoyed a nice meal as the sun set in the evening.

I look forward to the next hike, Joel!




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