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Classic American Apple Pie

Today, Katelyn and I volunteered with Ruth Guild at Trinity Lutheran Church to help make their annual apple pies. Katelyn and I love to work in the kitchen together, so this was a great way to volunteer. The Ruth Guild makes over 400 pies each fall to sell to the church members as their way to raise money for their group activities and missions. The shifts are 2 hours long and generally 50 pies are made from start to finish per shift. Our shift made 70. Way to go team!!

The pies are made from scratch with numerous stations of jobs. First the apples are washed. Next they are peeled and sliced. They are then measured and mixed with dry ingredients.  Next stop is the pie tin where it gets two crusts and a dash of cinnamon before being put in a bag in the freezer. Final stop is sold and baked in your oven. YUM!!

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