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Zach learns to drive…..

Zach recently completed his 30 hours of classroom work, passed his written permit test….. so that only leaves one thing left….. BEHIND THE WHEEL training!! We are so excited to teach Zach how to drive. The first time out was in the van around the block. Zach took his foot off the brake and the car moved, which startled Zach. He proceeded around the block with speeds varying at 5-10 mph – which he thought was very fast. He slowly progressed to driving in more and more challenging areas including speeds of 55 on Hwy 284 and 65 on Hwy 212 & I-494. Zach is a very cautious driver. He has done plenty of night, fog, snow & ice driving as well. Remember to buckle up, turn on your headlights and drive safely.


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