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Merry Christmas from Lombard & Chicago, Illinois

Next, we moved on to Illinois to spend a couple days with Aaron’s parents. We did not see Aaron’s brother’s family this year as they were out of town. Every year we try to come up with a fun activity to do as a group. We have seen some of the museum’s in Chicago, gone bowling, and toured a local park in years past. This year, Zach wanted to “see the CHIcago (you have to say it with your best Zach accent – stressing the CHI of Chicago) skyline.” He had seen it many times before as a very little boy, but he wanted to see it this year so he could remember it. So we hopped on the Metra train to spend the afternoon in Chicago. We were pleasantly greeted with a fresh coating of snow too. One point of interest that we did not take a photo of was “Garrett’s Popcorn.” It was a yummy treat to end our day.


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