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From Gulfoss and Geysers to Árnes

The morning began with a bit of fog and clouds, but then the sun came out and we enjoyed a very pleasant day. We left Reykjavik City Hostel on the west coast this morning after a nice breakfast and headed for Árnes, our next hostel, near Selfoss to the east.

We then went to the Gelfoss (Golden Falls) and stopped by the Strokker geyser, which bubbled into a fountain every 8 minutes.

We stopped by the Skálholt church on the way to our hostel for the evening. The site goes back to 1056. We went to the local gas station/mini mart and bought some pasta for supper, plus some Skyr (yogurt drink) and cereal for the morning.

While Kim and Katelyn rested at the hostel, Zach and Aaron went for a walk and found a great river where Aaron took some pictures of Zach. During out trip we hope to get some great senior picture shots of Mr. Zach.

Tomorrow, we’ll head south and east along the coast over lava fields to Jökulsárlón to see icebergs as they enter the ocean.

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