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From the Höll Farm Near Korpudalur to West Horses in Þingeyri and on to Bjarnardalur

We began our day with a little breakfast, chatting with our wonderful host at the Korpudalur hostel. We asked the host the night before to arrange a tour of the neighboring dairy farm, call Höll farm, so we drove to the farm around 9am.

Upon arriving at the farm we walked up to the main house and were greeted by Jon’s wife and kids. Jon, the farm owner, came in from the fields and gave us a tour of his farm, discussing how the cows are milked throughout the day using a laser-guided milking system. We always like to take advantage of learning opportunities and this was no exception, especially for Zach, who is considering a career in veterinarian medicine. Jon described how the milking system worked, showed us the barns and discussed how he tills his very rocky fields.

Then, we were off to Þingeyri (pronounced “Thingeri”) for horseback riding with the West Horses outfit. We rode through rather deep streams, green fields and valleys as arctic turns screeched overhead. Our hosts taught us about the tölt pace that Icelandic horses can perform. This is a special pace that provides a rider with a smooth, floating experience. Not all of the horses performed this pace during our ride, but some did. We shared some time with our hosts after the ride, learning, chatting and enjoying the horses, then we went to their cafe for some warm drinks and lunch.

Our day came to a close after wishing our friend, Joel, farewell at the Ísafjörður regional airport. We were sad to see him fly off, but so glad that he was able to share time with our family and so thankful for his recommendation to experience this amazing place.

We reached our accommodations at the Guesthouse Kirkjubol in Bjarnardalur in the evening – tired and ready for quiet rest.

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