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From Broddanes to Borgarnes Settlement Center Meal and Sagas

After a quiet night in the hostel/schoolhouse of Broddanes and another walk along the coast, we hopped in our Cheap Jeep and went for a drive along the coast, then south to Borgarnes. We had stayed with Joel in Borgarnes earlier in our trip and had reserved our favorite room.

Aaron did some research the night before and learned about the Borgarnes Settlement Center. The Center is a museum, shop and restaurant, showcasing Icelandic sagas. The upper level of the museum provided an overview of the Icelandic people and how the country was settled. The lower level is a fantastic mix of modern wood carvings depicting Egil’s Saga. The museum offered audio guides for both levels – well worth the additional cost.

The restaurant was excellent, with seafood, fantastic bread and a clean, bright ambiance.

After our meal and visit to the museum we retraced the walk we had taken with Joel, enjoying the sunlight and fresh breeze.

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