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Arrival in Tremezzo, Italia

Today, we drove from Oberwil, Switzerland to Tremezzo, Italy to begin a week long celebration of my parents 45th wedding anniversary in Italia. First stop after settling into our villa was to see our dear friends, Melo and Franca, at Pizzeria Balognett. Melo gave us a tour of the vegetable gardens. It always amazes us on how he grows so many different vegetables for the restaurant. My mom made Franca a beautiful scarf which she helped Franca put on. We spent a long time visiting with Melo and Franca before enjoying their wonderful culinary creations. The pizza is amazing with such fresh flavors of homegrown sweet pepper, fresh mozzarella, oregano, a little sauce and garlic oil.

Mom helping Franca with her new scarf that mom made.

Mom helping Franca with her new scarf that mom made.


Franca modeling her new scarf with mom.


Dad and Melo visiting on the patio of Pizzeria Balognett.


Beautiful floral arrangement that Melo and Franca gave Mom and Dad for their 45th wedding anniversary.


A variety of fresh and dried tomatoes from Melo’s garden.


Melo making some pizza for us.


Franca showing us all the sweet peppers that they had roasted for our pizza. It is our favorite topping – fresh sweet peppers roasted from their garden.


Melo likes to call this his “Sargent Pepper” = sweet pepper pizza.


I tried a new dessert – Panna Cotta. It is super yummy. Reminded me of really thick creamy yogurt with strawberry.


Tomatoes… Tomatoes everywhere… Even hanging from hanging baskets near the parking lot.


Mom and Dad enjoying a chocolate ice cream dessert like they use to in the olden days with fountain sodas.



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