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Beauty Parlor in Italian

Well…every trip seems to have at least one very memorable experience that we would all like to forget. Our experience involved frying my mom’s curling iron to the point that the metal and plastic were mushy when we unplugged it. That is the part we wish to forget. Ooppss… we forgot a transformer. In going for a drive to our next destination, we found a beauty parlor open for service. The only catch was that NO ONE spoke English in the salon. Thankfully, a customer who spoke a tiny bit of English was able to call a friend to translate. Thank you, Madam. That is the memorable part we want to remember forever – how to get your hair done without understanding the spoke languages of each other. In the end, mom’s hair turned out beautiful and it was a brand new experience.

If you ever want a really nice shampoo and set in Italian, head on over to “Hair Style for You Wilmar”, Via Provinciale 141B in S.Fedele Intelvi (CO).

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